Sunday, October 6, 2019

Climate change and food security Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Climate change and food security - Assignment Example . Wheat bread, peanut butter, fruit juice, and raisin beverage made up my breakfast I feared consumption of chemical components from the foods processing processes and threats of genetic engineering that I believe can interfere with my genome. Even though my snack for the day was orange fruit, there was still the fear of possible genetic engineering in the fruits’ development. Wheat bread, chicken stew, potatoes, milk, and green grams were the other consumptions of day one and even though I perceived no alternative for safe consumption, I feared the foods’ safety levels. Calorie level in the consumption was another concern and I decided to research on calorie characteristics of my food components for minimization. Consumptions in the second also consisted, predominantly, of natural foods with uncontrollable food safety concerns. Oatmeal, raisins, beef, rice, milk, and fruits were the major components with threats of genetic engineering and, though limited, the amount of chemicals that could have been applied in their processing and temporary preservation. I however ensured reduced levels of calories intake through restricting volumes of consumption per food type. Bran flakes, potatoes soup, beef, and rice formed the major component of my third day food intake with other natural foods like milk and fruits. While these retained my fears of direct chemical contamination together with adverse effects of biological engineering on the foods’ sources, processed foods were also identifiable to increase my worries on the day’s intake.... irect chemical contamination together with adverse effects of biological engineering on the foods’ sources, processed foods were also identifiable to increase my worries on the day’s intake. Jelly, margarine, and sugar-enriched lemonade are the major examples of processed components of the day’s consumption. Consumptions in day four was more conscious of processed food and observed calories levels through nutrient information and quantity of each of the consumed food type. The day’s consumption was a revised diet set from day one’s consumption for better safety level and I believe the reduced calories level consumption achieved this. Intakes in the remaining three days alternated between the major components of the types of foods in the first four days and my general opinion on my food choices is that however much we try to select safe food products; our choices are limited by available products and developed preferences. Food safety therefore remai ns a major concern and political forces, instead of individual power through money, should ensure safety. This is because such money power at consumer level is decentralized and ineffective. Reflection Food safety consciousness, especially after watching the Food Inc film, motivated me to research on sources of available food products and observed safety standards by different food processors. Available information from internet sources has for example informed of the different sources of my food, geographical locations of sources of natural supplies, and manufacturers of processed supplies. I am also aware of distribution channels of major foods among my consumables and possible activities at each level of the channels. Similarly, I am also informed of regulatory strategies and regulatory agencies over the food

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